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Synonyms for (noun) reasonableness

Synonyms: reasonableness, tenability, tenableness Definition: the quality of being plausible or acceptable to a reasonable person Usage: he questioned the tenability of my claims

Hypernyms: plausibility, plausibleness Definition: apparent validity

Synonyms: reasonableness Definition: moderation in expectations Usage: without greater reasonableness by both parties we will never settle this matter!

Hypernyms: moderateness, moderation Definition: quality of being moderate and avoiding extremes

Synonyms: moderateness, modestness, reasonableness Definition: the property of being moderate in price or expenditures Usage: the store is famous for the reasonableness of its prices; the modestness of the living standards here becomes obvious immediately

Hypernyms: inexpensiveness Definition: the quality of being affordable

Synonyms: reasonableness Definition: goodness of reason and judgment Usage: the judiciary is built on the reasonableness of judges

Hypernyms: wisdom, wiseness, soundness Definition: the quality of being prudent and sensible

Synonyms: rationality, reason, reasonableness Definition: the state of having good sense and sound judgment Usage: his rationality may have been impaired; he had to rely less on reason than on rousing their emotions

Hypernyms: saneness, sanity Definition: normal or sound powers of mind