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Synonyms for (verb) recuperate

Synonyms: convalesce, recover, recuperate Definition: get over an illness or shock Usage: The patient is recuperating

Hypernyms: meliorate, better, ameliorate, improve Definition: get better Usage: The weather improved toward evening

Synonyms: recuperate Definition: restore to good health or strength

Hypernyms: cure, heal, bring around Definition: provide a cure for, make healthy again Usage: The treatment cured the boy's acne; The quack pretended to heal patients but never managed to

Synonyms: go back, recover, recuperate Definition: regain a former condition after a financial loss Usage: We expect the stocks to recover to $2.90; The company managed to recuperate

Hypernyms: retrovert, return, revert, regress, turn back Definition: go back to a previous state Usage: We reverted to the old rules

Synonyms: recoup, recover, recuperate Definition: regain or make up for Usage: recuperate one's losses

Hypernyms: acquire, get Definition: come into the possession of something concrete or abstract Usage: She got a lot of paintings from her uncle; They acquired a new pet; Get your results the next day; Get permission to take a few days off from work