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Synonyms for (noun) request

Synonyms: petition, request, postulation Definition: a formal message requesting something that is submitted to an authority

Hypernyms: subject matter, substance, message, content Definition: what a communication that is about something is about

Synonyms: asking, request Definition: the verbal act of requesting

Hypernyms: speech act Definition: the use of language to perform some act

Synonyms for (verb) request

Synonyms: bespeak, call for, request, quest Definition: express the need or desire for; ask for Usage: She requested an extra bed in her room; She called for room service

Hypernyms: put across, pass, pass along, pass on, communicate Definition: transmit information Usage: Please communicate this message to all employees; pass along the good news

Synonyms: request Definition: ask (a person) to do something Usage: She asked him to be here at noon; I requested that she type the entire manuscript

Hypernyms: ask Definition: make a request or demand for something to somebody Usage: She asked him for a loan

Synonyms: request Definition: inquire for (information) Usage: I requested information from the secretary

Hypernyms: enquire, wonder, inquire Definition: have a wish or desire to know something Usage: He wondered who had built this beautiful church