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Synonyms for (adjective) rhythmic

Synonyms: rhythmic, rhythmical Definition: recurring with measured regularity Usage: the rhythmic chiming of church bells- John Galsworthy; rhythmical prose

Hypernyms: Adonic Definition: having a rhythm consisting of a dactyl followed by a spondee or a trochee Usage: the verse of the laments is Adonic

Hypernyms: cadenced, cadent Definition: marked by a rhythmical cadence Usage: the cadenced crunch of marching feet

Hypernyms: danceable Definition: suitable for dancing

Hypernyms: jazzy Definition: resembling jazz (especially in its rhythm)

Hypernyms: lilting, swinging, swingy, tripping Definition: characterized by a buoyant rhythm Usage: an easy lilting stride; the flute broke into a light lilting air; a swinging pace; a graceful swingy walk; a tripping singing measure

Hypernyms: measured, metric, metrical Definition: the rhythmic arrangement of syllables

Hypernyms: Sapphic Definition: a meter used by Sappho and named after her

Hypernyms: singsong, chantlike, intoned Definition: uttered in a monotonous cadence or rhythm as in chanting Usage: their chantlike intoned prayers; a singsong manner of speaking

Hypernyms: syncopated Definition: stressing a normally weak beat

Hypernyms: throbbing Definition: pounding or beating strongly or violently Usage: a throbbing pain; the throbbing engine of the boat