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Synonyms for (adjective) rounded

Synonyms: rounded Definition: curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged Usage: low rounded hills; rounded shoulders

Hypernyms: sausage-shaped, allantoid Definition: shaped like a sausage

Hypernyms: almond-shaped, amygdaliform, amygdaloid, amygdaloidal Definition: shaped like an almond

Hypernyms: annular, annulate, annulated, doughnut-shaped, circinate, ring-shaped, ringed Definition: shaped like a ring

Hypernyms: aspheric, aspherical Definition: varying slightly from a perfectly spherical shape

Hypernyms: auriform, ear-like, ear-shaped Definition: having a shape resembling an ear

Hypernyms: bean-shaped Definition: having a shape resembling a bean

Hypernyms: bowfront Definition: having an outward curving front Usage: a bowfront dresser; a bowfront house

Hypernyms: crescent, crescent-shaped, semilunar, lunate Definition: resembling the new moon in shape

Hypernyms: cycloid, cycloidal Definition: resembling a circle

Hypernyms: cylindric, cylindrical Definition: having the form of a cylinder

Hypernyms: disciform Definition: having a round or oval shape like a disc Usage: a disciform skin lesion

Hypernyms: domed, vaulted Definition: having a hemispherical vault or dome

Hypernyms: dome-shaped Definition: having the shape of a dome

Hypernyms: egg-shaped, elliptic, elliptical, prolate, oviform, ovoid, oval, oval-shaped, ovate Definition: rounded like an egg

Hypernyms: ellipsoid, ellipsoidal, spheroidal Definition: having the nature or shape of an ellipsoid

Hypernyms: hyperboloidal Definition: having the shape of a hyperboloid

Hypernyms: lingulate, tongue-shaped Definition: shaped like a tongue

Hypernyms: olive-like, olivelike Definition: resembling an olive

Hypernyms: parabolic, parabolical Definition: having the form of a parabola

Hypernyms: paraboloidal Definition: having the shape of a paraboloid

Hypernyms: pillar-shaped Definition: shaped like a cylindrical pillar

Hypernyms: pineal Definition: having the form of a pine cone

Hypernyms: plumlike Definition: resembling a plum fruit

Hypernyms: rod-shaped, rodlike Definition: resembling a rod

Hypernyms: rotund Definition: spherical in shape

Hypernyms: terete Definition: especially of plant parts; cylindrical and tapering

Hypernyms: umbrellalike Definition: resembling an umbrella