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Synonyms for (noun) sashay

Synonyms: pleasure trip, outing, jaunt, junket, sashay, excursion, expedition Definition: a journey taken for pleasure Usage: many summer excursions to the shore; it was merely a pleasure trip; after cautious sashays into the field

Hypernyms: journey, journeying Definition: the act of traveling from one place to another

Synonyms: chasse, sashay Definition: (ballet) quick gliding steps with one foot always leading

Hypernyms: step, dance step Definition: a sequence of foot movements that make up a particular dance Usage: he taught them the waltz step

Synonyms: sashay Definition: a square dance figure; partners circle each other taking sideways steps

Hypernyms: country dancing, country-dance, contra danse, contradance, contredanse Definition: a type of folk dance in which couples are arranged in sets or face one another in a line

Synonyms for (verb) sashay

Synonyms: sidle, sashay Definition: move sideways

Hypernyms: move Definition: move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion Usage: He moved his hand slightly to the right

Synonyms: sashay, chasse Definition: perform a chasse step, in ballet

Hypernyms: dance Definition: move in a graceful and rhythmical way Usage: The young girl danced into the room

Synonyms: prance, cock, ruffle, sashay, tittup, swagger, strut Definition: to walk with a lofty proud gait, often in an attempt to impress others Usage: He struts around like a rooster in a hen house

Hypernyms: walk Definition: use one's feet to advance; advance by steps Usage: Walk, don't run!; We walked instead of driving; She walks with a slight limp; The patient cannot walk yet; Walk over to the cabinet