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Synonyms for (noun) separate

Synonyms: separate Definition: a garment that can be purchased separately and worn in combinations with other garments

Hypernyms: garment Definition: an article of clothing Usage: garments of the finest silk

Synonyms: offprint, separate, reprint Definition: a separately printed article that originally appeared in a larger publication

Hypernyms: article Definition: nonfictional prose forming an independent part of a publication

Synonyms for (verb) separate

Synonyms: ramify, branch, furcate, fork, separate Definition: divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork Usage: The road forks

Hypernyms: diverge Definition: move or draw apart Usage: The two paths diverge here

Synonyms: separate, split up, come apart, break, fall apart Definition: become separated into pieces or fragments Usage: The figurine broke; The freshly baked loaf fell apart

Hypernyms: change integrity Definition: change in physical make-up

Synonyms: tell, tell apart, differentiate, distinguish, secern, secernate, separate, severalise, severalize Definition: mark as different Usage: We distinguish several kinds of maple

Hypernyms: identify, place Definition: recognize as being; establish the identity of someone or something Usage: She identified the man on the 'wanted' poster

Synonyms: class, classify, assort, separate, sort, sort out Definition: arrange or order by classes or categories Usage: How would you classify these pottery shards--are they prehistoric?

Hypernyms: categorise, categorize Definition: place into or assign to a category Usage: Children learn early on to categorize

Synonyms: separate Definition: divide into components or constituents Usage: Separate the wheat from the chaff

Hypernyms: change integrity Definition: change in physical make-up

Synonyms: disunite, divide, part, separate Definition: force, take, or pull apart Usage: He separated the fighting children; Moses parted the Red Sea

Hypernyms: displace, move Definition: cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense Usage: Move those boxes into the corner, please; I'm moving my money to another bank; The director moved more responsibilities onto his new assistant

Synonyms: divide, separate, part Definition: come apart Usage: The two pieces that we had glued separated

Hypernyms: change Definition: undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature Usage: She changed completely as she grew older; The weather changed last night

Synonyms: part, split, separate Definition: go one's own way; move apart Usage: The friends separated after the party

Hypernyms: move Definition: move so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion Usage: He moved his hand slightly to the right

Synonyms: dissever, divide, separate, split, split up, carve up Definition: separate into parts or portions Usage: divide the cake into three equal parts; The British carved up the Ottoman Empire after World War I

Hypernyms: change integrity Definition: change in physical make-up

Synonyms: discriminate, single out, separate Definition: treat differently on the basis of sex or race

Hypernyms: tell, tell apart, differentiate, distinguish, secern, secernate, separate, severalise, severalize Definition: mark as different Usage: We distinguish several kinds of maple

Synonyms for (adjective) separate

Synonyms: separate, freestanding Definition: standing apart; not attached to or supported by anything Usage: a freestanding bell tower; a house with a separate garage

Hypernyms: detached Definition: used of buildings; standing apart from others Usage: detached houses; a detached garage

Synonyms: separate, disjoined Definition: have the connection undone; having become separate

Hypernyms: unconnected Definition: not joined or linked together

Synonyms: separate Definition: separated according to race, sex, class, or religion Usage: separate but equal; girls and boys in separate classes

Hypernyms: segregated, unintegrated Definition: separated or isolated from others or a main group Usage: a segregated school system; a segregated neighborhood

Synonyms: separate Definition: independent; not united or joint Usage: a problem consisting of two separate issues; they went their separate ways; formed a separate church

Hypernyms: apart Definition: having characteristics not shared by others Usage: scientists felt they were a group apart- Vannever Bush

Hypernyms: asunder Definition: widely separated especially in space Usage: as wide asunder as pole from pole

Hypernyms: separated, set-apart, isolated, detached Definition: being or feeling set or kept apart from others Usage: she felt detached from the group; could not remain the isolated figure he had been- Sherwood Anderson; thought of herself as alone and separated from the others; had a set-apart feeling

Hypernyms: discrete, distinct Definition: constituting a separate entity or part Usage: a government with three discrete divisions; on two distinct occasions

Hypernyms: disjoint Definition: having no elements in common

Hypernyms: disjunct, isolated Definition: marked by separation of or from usually contiguous elements Usage: little isolated worlds, as abruptly disjunct and unexpected as a palm-shaded well in the Sahara- Scientific Monthly

Hypernyms: isolable Definition: capable of being isolated or disjoined

Hypernyms: unaccompanied Definition: (of a state or an event) taking place without something specified occurring at the same time Usage: a headache unaccompanied by other symptoms