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Synonyms for (noun) shade

Synonyms: shade Definition: protective covering that protects something from direct sunlight Usage: they used umbrellas as shades; as the sun moved he readjusted the shade

Hypernyms: protection, protective cover, protective covering Definition: a covering that is intend to protect from damage or injury Usage: they had no protection from the fallout; wax provided protection for the floors

Synonyms: shade Definition: a representation of the effect of shadows in a picture or drawing (as by shading or darker pigment)

Hypernyms: representation Definition: a creation that is a visual or tangible rendering of someone or something

Synonyms: shade, tincture, tint, tone Definition: a quality of a given color that differs slightly from another color Usage: after several trials he mixed the shade of pink that she wanted

Hypernyms: color, coloring, colour, colouring Definition: a visual attribute of things that results from the light they emit or transmit or reflect Usage: a white color is made up of many different wavelengths of light

Synonyms: wraith, ghost, shade, specter, spectre, spook Definition: a mental representation of some haunting experience Usage: he looked like he had seen a ghost; it aroused specters from his past

Hypernyms: apparition, shadow, phantasm, phantasma, phantom, fantasm Definition: something existing in perception only Usage: a ghostly apparition at midnight

Synonyms: refinement, shade, subtlety, nuance, nicety Definition: a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude Usage: without understanding the finer nuances you can't enjoy the humor; don't argue about shades of meaning

Hypernyms: significance, signification, meaning, import Definition: the message that is intended or expressed or signified Usage: what is the meaning of this sentence; the significance of a red traffic light; the signification of Chinese characters; the import of his announcement was ambiguous

Synonyms: shade, tad Definition: a slight amount or degree of difference Usage: a tad too expensive; not a tad of difference; the new model is a shade better than the old one

Hypernyms: small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity Definition: an indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude

Synonyms: shade Definition: a position of relative inferiority Usage: an achievement that puts everything else in the shade; his brother's success left him in the shade

Hypernyms: lower rank, lower status, inferiority Definition: the state of being inferior

Synonyms: shade, shadiness, shadowiness Definition: relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body Usage: it is much cooler in the shade; there's too much shadiness to take good photographs

Hypernyms: semidarkness Definition: partial darkness

Synonyms for (verb) shade

Synonyms: shade Definition: pass from one quality such as color to another by a slight degree Usage: the butterfly wings shade to yellow

Hypernyms: change Definition: undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature Usage: She changed completely as she grew older; The weather changed last night

Synonyms: shade Definition: vary slightly Usage: shade the meaning

Hypernyms: alter, change, modify Definition: cause to change; make different; cause a transformation Usage: The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city; The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue

Synonyms: shade Definition: protect from light, heat, or view Usage: Shade your eyes when you step out into the bright sunlight

Hypernyms: screen, block out Definition: prevent from entering Usage: block out the strong sunlight

Synonyms: shade, fill in Definition: represent the effect of shade or shadow on

Hypernyms: paint Definition: make a painting Usage: he painted all day in the garden; He painted a painting of the garden

Hypernyms: draw Definition: represent by making a drawing of, as with a pencil, chalk, etc. on a surface Usage: She drew an elephant; Draw me a horse

Synonyms: shade, shade off, shadow Definition: cast a shadow over

Hypernyms: darken Definition: make dark or darker Usage: darken a room