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Synonyms for (noun) signature

Synonyms: signature, touch Definition: a distinguishing style Usage: this room needs a woman's touch

Hypernyms: way, style, manner, fashion, mode Definition: how something is done or how it happens Usage: her dignified manner; his rapid manner of talking; their nomadic mode of existence; in the characteristic New York style; a lonely way of life; in an abrasive fashion

Synonyms: signature Definition: a sheet with several pages printed on it; it folds to page size and is bound with other signatures to form a book

Hypernyms: sheet, sheet of paper, piece of paper Definition: paper used for writing or printing

Synonyms: signature Definition: your name written in your own handwriting

Hypernyms: name Definition: a language unit by which a person or thing is known Usage: his name really is George Washington; those are two names for the same thing

Synonyms: signature, key signature Definition: the sharps or flats that follow the clef and indicate the key

Hypernyms: musical notation Definition: (music) notation used by musicians

Synonyms: theme song, signature, signature tune Definition: a melody used to identify a performer or a dance band or radio/tv program

Hypernyms: line, melodic line, melodic phrase, melody, air, strain, tune Definition: a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence Usage: she was humming an air from Beethoven