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Synonyms for (noun) site

Synonyms: internet site, site, web site, website Definition: a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web Usage: the Israeli web site was damaged by hostile hackers

Hypernyms: computer, information processing system, computing device, computing machine, data processor, electronic computer Definition: a machine for performing calculations automatically

Synonyms: site, situation Definition: physical position in relation to the surroundings Usage: the sites are determined by highly specific sequences of nucleotides

Hypernyms: position, place Definition: the particular portion of space occupied by something Usage: he put the lamp back in its place

Synonyms: site, land site Definition: the piece of land on which something is located (or is to be located) Usage: a good site for the school

Hypernyms: piece of ground, piece of land, tract, parcel, parcel of land Definition: an extended area of land

Synonyms for (verb) site

Synonyms: locate, place, site Definition: assign a location to Usage: The company located some of their agents in Los Angeles

Hypernyms: station, send, place, post Definition: assign to a station