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Synonyms for (noun) sociable

Synonyms: sociable, social, mixer Definition: a party of people assembled to promote sociability and communal activity

Hypernyms: party Definition: a group of people gathered together for pleasure Usage: she joined the party after dinner

Synonyms for (adjective) sociable

Synonyms: sociable Definition: friendly and pleasant Usage: a sociable gathering

Hypernyms: congenial Definition: suitable to your needs Usage: a congenial atmosphere to work in; two congenial spirits united...by mutual confidence and reciprocal virtues- T.L.Peacock

Synonyms: sociable Definition: inclined to or conducive to companionship with others Usage: a sociable occasion; enjoyed a sociable chat; a sociable conversation; Americans are sociable and gregarious

Hypernyms: clubable, clubbable Definition: inclined to club together Usage: a clubbable man

Hypernyms: clubbish, clubby Definition: effusively sociable Usage: a clubbish set; we got rather clubby

Hypernyms: companionable Definition: suggestive of companionship Usage: a companionable pet

Hypernyms: good-time, convivial Definition: occupied with or fond of the pleasures of good company Usage: a convivial atmosphere at the reunion; a woman of convivial nature; he was a real good-time Charlie

Hypernyms: extroverted, forthcoming, outgoing Definition: at ease in talking to others

Hypernyms: social Definition: composed of sociable people or formed for the purpose of sociability Usage: a purely social club; the church has a large social hall; a social director