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Synonyms for (noun) society

Synonyms: society Definition: an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organization

Hypernyms: social group Definition: people sharing some social relation

Synonyms: guild, gild, order, lodge, social club, society, club Definition: a formal association of people with similar interests Usage: he joined a golf club; they formed a small lunch society; men from the fraternal order will staff the soup kitchen today

Hypernyms: association Definition: a formal organization of people or groups of people Usage: he joined the Modern Language Association

Synonyms: society, smart set, bon ton, beau monde, high society Definition: the fashionable elite

Hypernyms: elite, elite group Definition: a group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status

Synonyms: companionship, company, society, fellowship Definition: the state of being with someone Usage: he missed their company; he enjoyed the society of his friends

Hypernyms: friendly relationship, friendship Definition: the state of being friends (or friendly)