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Synonyms for (noun) striker

Synonyms: striker Definition: the part of a mechanical device that strikes something

Hypernyms: mechanical device Definition: mechanism consisting of a device that works on mechanical principles

Synonyms: hitter, striker Definition: someone who hits Usage: a hard hitter; a fine striker of the ball; blacksmiths are good hitters

Hypernyms: mover Definition: someone who moves

Synonyms: striker Definition: an employee on strike against an employer

Hypernyms: nonworker Definition: a person who does nothing

Synonyms: striker Definition: someone receiving intensive training for a naval technical rating

Hypernyms: bluejacket, sailor, sailor boy, navy man Definition: a serviceman in the navy

Synonyms: striker Definition: a forward on a soccer team

Hypernyms: athlete, jock Definition: a person trained to compete in sports