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Synonyms for (verb) submit

Synonyms: take, submit Definition: accept or undergo, often unwillingly Usage: We took a pay cut

Hypernyms: undergo Definition: pass through Usage: The chemical undergoes a sudden change; The fluid undergoes shear; undergo a strange sensation

Synonyms: submit, reconcile, resign Definition: accept as inevitable Usage: He resigned himself to his fate

Hypernyms: accept Definition: consider or hold as true Usage: I cannot accept the dogma of this church; accept an argument

Synonyms: posit, put forward, submit, state Definition: put before Usage: I submit to you that the accused is guilty

Hypernyms: advise, suggest, propose Definition: make a proposal, declare a plan for something Usage: the senator proposed to abolish the sales tax

Synonyms: submit, defer, bow, give in, accede Definition: yield to another's wish or opinion Usage: The government bowed to the military pressure

Hypernyms: buckle under, knuckle under, yield, give in, succumb Definition: consent reluctantly

Synonyms: subject, submit Definition: refer for judgment or consideration Usage: The lawyers submitted the material to the court

Hypernyms: refer Definition: send or direct for treatment, information, or a decision Usage: refer a patient to a specialist; refer a bill to a committee

Synonyms: put in, submit Definition: make an application as for a job or funding Usage: We put in a grant to the NSF

Hypernyms: apply Definition: ask (for something) Usage: He applied for a leave of absence; She applied for college; apply for a job

Synonyms: submit, present Definition: hand over formally

Hypernyms: give Definition: transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody Usage: I gave her my money; can you give me lessons?; She gave the children lots of love and tender loving care

Synonyms: render, submit Definition: make over as a return Usage: They had to render the estate

Hypernyms: gift, give, present Definition: give as a present; make a gift of Usage: What will you give her for her birthday?

Synonyms: pass on, submit, relegate Definition: refer to another person for decision or judgment Usage: She likes to relegate difficult questions to her colleagues

Hypernyms: subject, submit Definition: refer for judgment or consideration Usage: The lawyers submitted the material to the court