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Synonyms for (adjective) unaccompanied

Synonyms: unaccompanied Definition: (of a state or an event) taking place without something specified occurring at the same time Usage: a headache unaccompanied by other symptoms

Hypernyms: separate Definition: independent; not united or joint Usage: a problem consisting of two separate issues; they went their separate ways; formed a separate church

Synonyms: unaccompanied Definition: being without an escort

Hypernyms: lone, lonely, alone, solitary Definition: lacking companions or companionship Usage: he was alone when we met him; she is alone much of the time; the lone skier on the mountain; a lonely fisherman stood on a tuft of gravel; a lonely soul; a solitary traveler

Hypernyms: stranded, marooned, isolated Definition: cut off or left behind Usage: an isolated pawn; several stranded fish in a tide pool; travelers marooned by the blizzard

Hypernyms: tod Definition: alone and on your own Usage: don't just sit there on your tod

Hypernyms: unattended Definition: lacking accompaniment or a guard or escort Usage: unattended women; problems unattended with danger

Synonyms: unaccompanied Definition: playing or singing without accompaniment Usage: the soloist sang unaccompanied

Hypernyms: a cappella Definition: sung without instrumental accompaniment Usage: they sang an a cappella Mass

Hypernyms: solo Definition: composed or performed by a single voice or instrument Usage: a passage for solo clarinet