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Synonyms for (adjective) unconnected

Synonyms: illogical, scattered, garbled, unconnected, confused, disconnected, disjointed, disordered Definition: lacking orderly continuity Usage: a confused set of instructions; a confused dream about the end of the world; disconnected fragments of a story; scattered thoughts

Hypernyms: incoherent Definition: without logical or meaningful connection Usage: a turgid incoherent presentation

Synonyms: unconnected Definition: not joined or linked together

Hypernyms: isolated, apart, obscure Definition: remote and separate physically or socially Usage: existed over the centuries as a world apart; preserved because they inhabited a place apart- W.H.Hudson; tiny isolated villages remote from centers of civilization; an obscure village

Hypernyms: asternal Definition: not connected to the sternum or breastbone Usage: asternal ribs

Hypernyms: detached, separated Definition: no longer connected or joined Usage: a detached part; on one side of the island was a hugh rock, almost detached; the separated spacecraft will return to their home bases

Hypernyms: separate, disjoined Definition: have the connection undone; having become separate

Hypernyms: exploded Definition: showing the parts of something separated but in positions that show their correct relation to one another Usage: the manufacturer provided an exploded view of the apparatus

Hypernyms: unattached Definition: not fastened together

Hypernyms: uncoupled Definition: having the coupling undone Usage: the uncoupled caboose rolled down the incline

Synonyms: unconnected Definition: not connected by birth or family

Hypernyms: unrelated Definition: not connected by kinship