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Synonyms for (adjective) uncultivated

Synonyms: uncultivated, lowbrow, lowbrowed Definition: characteristic of a person who is not cultivated or does not have intellectual tastes Usage: lowbrow tastes

Hypernyms: nonintellectual Definition: not intellectual

Synonyms: uncultivated Definition: (of land or fields) not prepared for raising crops Usage: uncultivated land

Hypernyms: uncultivable, uncultivatable Definition: not suitable for cultivation or tilling Usage: thickets of indigenous trees...on uncultivable land- C.B.Palmer

Synonyms: artless, uncultivated, uncultured Definition: (of persons) lacking art or knowledge

Hypernyms: unrefined Definition: (used of persons and their behavior) not refined; uncouth Usage: how can a refined girl be drawn to such an unrefined man?