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Synonyms for (adjective) uncut

Synonyms: uncut, full-length Definition: complete Usage: the full-length play

Hypernyms: unabridged Definition: (used of texts) not shortened Usage: an unabridged novel

Synonyms: uncut Definition: not cut

Hypernyms: imperforate Definition: not perforated; having no opening

Hypernyms: unpierced Definition: not pierced Usage: unpierced ears

Synonyms: rough, uncut Definition: not shaped by cutting or trimming Usage: an uncut diamond; rough gemstones

Hypernyms: unsheared Definition: (used especially of fur or wool) not having been sheared Usage: unsheared beaver

Synonyms: uncut Definition: not cut Usage: glad to get out of the house with my throat uncut- Tobias Smollett

Hypernyms: uninjured Definition: not injured physically or mentally

Synonyms: untrimmed, uncut Definition: not trimmed Usage: shaggy untrimmed locks

Hypernyms: unclipped Definition: not clipped Usage: unclipped rosebushes; unclipped hair