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Synonyms for (adjective) unemotional

Synonyms: unemotional, restrained, reticent Definition: cool and formal in manner

Hypernyms: undemonstrative Definition: not given to open expression of emotion

Synonyms: unemotional Definition: unsusceptible to or destitute of or showing no emotion

Hypernyms: chilly Definition: not characterized by emotion Usage: a female form in marble--a chilly but ideal medium for depicting abstract virtues-C.W.Cunningham

Hypernyms: dry Definition: lacking warmth or emotional involvement Usage: a dry greeting; a dry reading of the lines; a dry critique

Hypernyms: stolid, impassive Definition: having or revealing little emotion or sensibility; not easily aroused or excited Usage: her impassive remoteness; he remained impassive, showing neither interest in nor concern for our plight- Nordhoff & Hall; a silent stolid creature who took it all as a matter of course-Virginia Woolf; her face showed nothing but stolid indifference

Hypernyms: philosophic, philosophical Definition: characterized by the attitude of a philosopher; meeting trouble with level-headed detachment Usage: philosophical resignation; a philosophic attitude toward life

Hypernyms: phlegmatic, phlegmatical Definition: showing little emotion Usage: a phlegmatic...and certainly undemonstrative man

Hypernyms: stoic, stoical Definition: seeming unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive Usage: stoic courage; stoic patience; a stoical sufferer

Hypernyms: unblinking Definition: showing no visible emotion Usage: stood unblinking and accepted a sentence of a year