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Synonyms for (adjective) unoccupied

Synonyms: unoccupied, untenanted Definition: not leased to or occupied by a tenant Usage: an unoccupied apartment; very little unclaimed and untenanted land

Hypernyms: uninhabited Definition: not having inhabitants; not lived in Usage: an uninhabited island; gaping doors of uninhabited houses

Synonyms: unoccupied Definition: not held or filled or in use Usage: an unoccupied telephone booth; unoccupied hours

Hypernyms: free Definition: not occupied or in use Usage: a free locker; a free lane

Hypernyms: free, spare Definition: not taken up by scheduled activities Usage: a free hour between classes; spare time on my hands

Synonyms: unoccupied Definition: not seized and controlled Usage: unoccupied areas of France

Hypernyms: relinquished Definition: that has been withdrawn or retreated from