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Synonyms for (noun) vest

Synonyms: vest, undershirt, singlet Definition: a collarless men's undergarment for the upper part of the body

Hypernyms: undergarment, unmentionable Definition: a garment worn under other garments

Synonyms: vest, waistcoat Definition: a man's sleeveless garment worn underneath a coat

Hypernyms: garment Definition: an article of clothing Usage: garments of the finest silk

Synonyms for (verb) vest

Synonyms: robe, vest Definition: clothe formally; especially in ecclesiastical robes

Hypernyms: apparel, clothe, fit out, garb, garment, enclothe, habilitate, raiment, tog, dress Definition: provide with clothes or put clothes on Usage: Parents must feed and dress their child

Synonyms: vest Definition: clothe oneself in ecclesiastical garments

Hypernyms: dress, dress up Definition: dress in a certain manner Usage: She dresses in the latest Paris fashion; he dressed up in a suit and tie

Synonyms: vest Definition: become legally vested Usage: The property vests in the trustees

Hypernyms: change hands, change owners Definition: be transferred to another owner Usage: This restaurant changed hands twice last year

Synonyms: vest Definition: place (authority, property, or rights) in the control of a person or group of persons Usage: She vested her vast fortune in her two sons

Hypernyms: give Definition: transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody Usage: I gave her my money; can you give me lessons?; She gave the children lots of love and tender loving care

Synonyms: vest, enthrone, invest Definition: provide with power and authority Usage: They vested the council with special rights

Hypernyms: instal, install Definition: put into an office or a position Usage: the new president was installed immediately after the election