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Synonyms for (adjective) weakened

Synonyms: weakened, hurt Definition: damaged inanimate objects or their value

Hypernyms: damaged Definition: harmed or injured or spoiled Usage: I won't buy damaged goods; the storm left a wake of badly damaged buildings

Synonyms: cut, weakened, thinned Definition: mixed with water Usage: sold cut whiskey; a cup of thinned soup

Hypernyms: dilute, diluted Definition: reduced in strength or concentration or quality or purity Usage: diluted alcohol; a dilute solution; dilute acetic acid

Synonyms: attenuate, attenuated, faded, weakened Definition: reduced in strength Usage: the faded tones of an old recording

Hypernyms: reduced, decreased Definition: made less in size or amount or degree

Synonyms: diminished, vitiated, weakened, lessened Definition: impaired by diminution

Hypernyms: impaired Definition: diminished in strength, quality, or utility Usage: impaired eyesight

Synonyms: weakened Definition: made weak or weaker

Hypernyms: weak Definition: wanting in physical strength Usage: a weak pillar