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Synonyms for (adjective) wide

Synonyms: wide, wide of the mark Definition: not on target Usage: the kick was wide; the arrow was wide of the mark; a claim that was wide of the truth

Hypernyms: inaccurate Definition: not exact Usage: an inaccurate translation; the thermometer is inaccurate

Synonyms: full, wide, wide-cut Definition: having ample fabric Usage: the current taste for wide trousers; a full skirt

Hypernyms: ample Definition: more than enough in size or scope or capacity Usage: had ample food for the party; an ample supply

Synonyms: broad, blanket, extensive, encompassing, panoptic, wide, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, across-the-board Definition: broad in scope or content Usage: across-the-board pay increases; an all-embracing definition; blanket sanctions against human-rights violators; an invention with broad applications; a panoptic study of Soviet nationality- T.G.Winner; granted him wide powers

Hypernyms: comprehensive Definition: including all or everything Usage: comprehensive coverage; a comprehensive history of the revolution; a comprehensive survey; a comprehensive education

Synonyms: broad, spacious, wide Definition: very large in expanse or scope Usage: a broad lawn; the wide plains; a spacious view; spacious skies

Hypernyms: large, big Definition: above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent Usage: a large city; set out for the big city; a large sum; a big (or large) barn; a large family; big businesses; a big expenditure; a large number of newspapers; a big group of scientists; large areas of the world

Synonyms: wide, wide-eyed Definition: (used of eyes) fully open or extended Usage: stared with wide eyes

Hypernyms: open, opened Definition: used of mouth or eyes Usage: keep your eyes open; his mouth slightly opened

Synonyms: broad, wide Definition: having great (or a certain) extent from one side to the other Usage: wide roads; a wide necktie; wide margins; three feet wide; a river two miles broad; broad shoulders; a broad river

Hypernyms: beamy Definition: broad in the beam Usage: a beamy cargo ship

Hypernyms: bird's-eye, panoramic Definition: as from an altitude or distance Usage: a bird's-eye survey; a panoramic view

Hypernyms: broad-brimmed Definition: (of hats) having a broad brim

Hypernyms: deep Definition: extending relatively far inward Usage: a deep border

Hypernyms: fanlike Definition: resembling a fan

Hypernyms: sweeping Definition: taking in or moving over (or as if over) a wide area; often used in combination Usage: a sweeping glance; a wide-sweeping view of the river

Hypernyms: wide-screen Definition: (motion pictures) projected on a screen with much greater width than height

Synonyms: wide Definition: great in degree Usage: won by a wide margin

Hypernyms: comfortable Definition: more than adequate Usage: the home team had a comfortable lead