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Synonyms for (noun) willing

Synonyms: willing, volition Definition: the act of making a choice Usage: followed my father of my own volition

Hypernyms: selection, option, pick, choice Definition: the act of choosing or selecting Usage: your choice of colors was unfortunate; you can take your pick

Synonyms for (adjective) willing

Synonyms: willing, uncoerced, unforced Definition: not brought about by coercion or force Usage: the confession was uncoerced

Hypernyms: voluntary Definition: of your own free will or design; done by choice; not forced or compelled Usage: man is a voluntary agent; participation was voluntary; voluntary manslaughter; voluntary generosity in times of disaster; voluntary social workers; a voluntary confession

Synonyms: willing Definition: disposed or inclined toward Usage: a willing participant; willing helpers

Hypernyms: consenting Definition: having given consent Usage: consenting adults

Hypernyms: disposed, fain, inclined, prepared Definition: having made preparations Usage: prepared to take risks

Hypernyms: happy, glad Definition: eagerly disposed to act or to be of service Usage: glad to help

Hypernyms: ready Definition: mentally disposed Usage: he was ready to believe her

Hypernyms: volitional Definition: with deliberate intention Usage: a volitional act

Hypernyms: willing and able Definition: not reluctant