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Synonyms for (noun) wound

Synonyms: wound, wounding Definition: the act of inflicting a wound

Hypernyms: harm, hurt, scathe, damage Definition: the act of damaging something or someone

Synonyms: combat injury, injury, wound Definition: a casualty to military personnel resulting from combat

Hypernyms: personnel casualty, loss Definition: military personnel lost by death or capture

Synonyms: wound Definition: a figurative injury (to your feelings or pride) Usage: he feared that mentioning it might reopen the wound; deep in her breast lives the silent wound; The right reader of a good poem can tell the moment it strikes him that he has taken an immortal wound--that he will never get over it--Robert Frost

Hypernyms: hurt, distress, suffering Definition: psychological suffering Usage: the death of his wife caused him great distress

Synonyms: wound, lesion Definition: an injury to living tissue (especially an injury involving a cut or break in the skin)

Hypernyms: trauma, hurt, injury, harm Definition: any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.

Synonyms for (verb) wound

Synonyms: wound, injure Definition: cause injuries or bodily harm to

Hypernyms: hurt Definition: give trouble or pain to Usage: This exercise will hurt your back

Synonyms: bruise, hurt, injure, offend, wound, spite Definition: hurt the feelings of Usage: She hurt me when she did not include me among her guests; This remark really bruised my ego

Hypernyms: kindle, elicit, enkindle, evoke, fire, arouse, raise, provoke Definition: call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses) Usage: arouse pity; raise a smile; evoke sympathy

Synonyms for (adjective) wound

Synonyms: wound Definition: put in a coil

Hypernyms: coiled Definition: curled or wound (especially in concentric rings or spirals) Usage: a coiled snake ready to strike; the rope lay coiled on the deck