Definitions for blur

Definitions for (noun) blur

Main entry: fuzz, blur

Definition: a hazy or indistinct representation

Usage: it happened so fast it was just a blur; he tried to clear his head of the whisky fuzz

Definitions for (verb) blur

Main entry: blur, dim, slur

Definition: become vague or indistinct

Usage: The distinction between the two theories blurred

Main entry: blear, blur

Definition: make dim or indistinct

Usage: The fog blurs my vision

Main entry: obnubilate, obscure, confuse, blur

Definition: make unclear, indistinct, or blurred

Usage: Her remarks confused the debate; Their words obnubilate their intentions

Main entry: blur, smear, smudge, smutch

Definition: make a smudge on; soil by smudging

Main entry: glaze over, blur, film over

Definition: become glassy; lose clear vision

Usage: Her eyes glazed over from lack of sleep

Main entry: blur

Definition: to make less distinct or clear

Usage: The haze blurs the hills

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