Definitions for stumble

Definitions for (noun) stumble

Main entry: trip, trip-up, stumble, misstep

Definition: an unintentional but embarrassing blunder

Usage: he recited the whole poem without a single trip; he arranged his robes to avoid a trip-up later; confusion caused his unfortunate misstep

Main entry: stumble, lurch, stagger

Definition: an unsteady uneven gait

Definitions for (verb) stumble

Main entry: slip up, trip up, stumble

Definition: make an error

Usage: She slipped up and revealed the name

Main entry: trip, stumble

Definition: miss a step and fall or nearly fall

Usage: She stumbled over the tree root

Main entry: stumble, falter, bumble

Definition: walk unsteadily

Usage: The drunk man stumbled about

Main entry: stumble, hit

Definition: encounter by chance

Usage: I stumbled across a long-lost cousin last night in a restaurant

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