Synonyms for ambiguous

Synonyms for (adj) ambiguous

Synonyms: ambiguous

Definition: having more than one possible meaning

Usage: ambiguous words; frustrated by ambiguous instructions, the parents were unable to assemble the toy

Similar words: double-barreled, double-barrelled

Definition: having two purposes; twofold

Usage: our double-barreled desire to make things profitable as well as attractive- Louis Kronenbergers

Similar words: double-edged

Definition: capable of being interpreted in two usually contradictory ways

Usage: double-edged praise

Similar words: oracular, enigmatic

Definition: resembling an oracle in obscurity of thought

Usage: the oracular sayings of Victorian poets; so enigmatic that priests might have to clarify it; an enigmatic smile

Similar words: left-handed

Definition: ironically ambiguous

Usage: a left-handed compliment

Similar words: multi-valued, multivalent

Definition: having many values, meanings, or appeals

Usage: subtle, multivalent allegory

Similar words: polysemantic, polysemous

Definition: of words; having many meanings

Similar words: uncertain

Definition: ambiguous (especially in the negative)

Usage: she spoke in no uncertain terms

Synonyms: equivocal, ambiguous

Definition: open to two or more interpretations; or of uncertain nature or significance; or (often) intended to mislead

Usage: an equivocal statement; the polling had a complex and equivocal (or ambiguous) message for potential female candidates; the officer's equivocal behavior increased the victim's uneasiness; popularity is an equivocal crown; an equivocal response to an embarrassing question

Similar words: double, forked

Definition: having two meanings with intent to deceive

Usage: a sly double meaning; spoke with forked tongue

Similar words: evasive

Definition: deliberately vague or ambiguous

Usage: his answers were brief, constrained and evasive; an evasive statement

Similar words: indeterminate

Definition: of uncertain or ambiguous nature

Usage: the equivocal (or indeterminate) objects painted by surrealists

Synonyms: ambiguous

Definition: having no intrinsic or objective meaning; not organized in conventional patterns

Usage: an ambiguous situation with no frame of reference; ambiguous inkblots

Similar words: unstructured

Definition: lacking definite structure or organization

Usage: an unstructured situation with no one in authority; a neighborhood gang with a relatively unstructured system; children in an unstructured environment often feel insecure; unstructured inkblots

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