Synonyms for antagonistic

Synonyms for (adj) antagonistic

Synonyms: antagonistic

Definition: incapable of harmonious association

Similar words: incompatible

Definition: not compatible

Usage: incompatible personalities; incompatible colors

Synonyms: incompatible, antagonistic

Definition: used especially of drugs or muscles that counteract or neutralize each other's effect

Similar words: antacid

Definition: acting to neutralize acid (especially in the stomach)

Similar words: antiphlogistic

Definition: counteracting inflammation

Synonyms: antagonistic

Definition: arousing animosity or hostility

Usage: his antagonistic brusqueness; Europe was antagonistic to the Unites States

Similar words: alienating

Definition: causing hostility or loss of friendliness

Usage: her sudden alienating aloofness

Synonyms: antagonistic, antipathetic, antipathetical

Definition: characterized by antagonism or antipathy

Usage: slaves antagonistic to their masters; antipathetic factions within the party

Similar words: hostile

Definition: characterized by enmity or ill will

Usage: a hostile nation; a hostile remark; hostile actions

Synonyms: antagonistic, counter

Definition: indicating opposition or resistance

Similar words: negative

Definition: characterized by or displaying negation or denial or opposition or resistance; having no positive features

Usage: a negative outlook on life; a colorless negative personality; a negative evaluation; a negative reaction to an advertising campaign

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