Synonyms for antecedent

Synonyms for (noun) antecedent

Synonyms: antecedent

Definition: the referent of an anaphor; a phrase or clause that is referred to by an anaphoric pronoun

Similar words: referent

Definition: something referred to; the object of a reference

Synonyms: antecedent

Definition: a preceding occurrence or cause or event

Similar words: cause

Definition: events that provide the generative force that is the origin of something

Usage: they are trying to determine the cause of the crash

Synonyms: ancestor, antecedent, ascendant, ascendent, root

Definition: someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent)

Similar words: relation, relative

Definition: a person related by blood or marriage

Usage: police are searching for relatives of the deceased; he has distant relations back in New Jersey

Synonyms: antecedent, forerunner

Definition: anything that precedes something similar in time

Usage: phrenology was an antecedent of modern neuroscience

Similar words: temporal relation

Definition: a relation involving time

Synonyms for (adj) antecedent

Synonyms: antecedent

Definition: preceding in time or order

Similar words: anterior, prior

Definition: earlier in time

Similar words: prevenient, anticipatory

Definition: in anticipation

Similar words: pre-existent, pre-existing, preexistent, preexisting

Definition: existing previously or before something

Usage: variations on pre-existent musical themes

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