Synonyms for arousal

Synonyms for (noun) arousal

Synonyms: rousing, arousal

Definition: the act of arousing

Usage: the purpose of art is the arousal of emotions

Similar words: change of state

Definition: the act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics

Synonyms: stimulation, foreplay, arousal

Definition: mutual sexual fondling prior to sexual intercourse

Similar words: sex, sex activity, sexual activity, sexual practice

Definition: activities associated with sexual intercourse

Usage: they had sex in the back seat

Synonyms: arousal

Definition: awakening from sleep

Similar words: wakefulness

Definition: a periodic state during which you are conscious and aware of the world

Usage: consciousness during wakefulness in a sane person is pretty well ordered and familiar

Synonyms: arousal

Definition: a state of heightened physiological activity

Similar words: physical condition, physiological condition, physiological state

Definition: the condition or state of the body or bodily functions

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