Synonyms for arranged

Synonyms for (adj) arranged

Synonyms: arranged, staged

Definition: deliberately arranged for effect

Usage: one of those artfully staged photographs

Similar words: unreal, artificial

Definition: contrived by art rather than nature

Usage: artificial flowers; artificial flavoring; an artificial diamond; artificial fibers; artificial sweeteners

Synonyms: arranged

Definition: planned in advance

Usage: an arranged marriage

Similar words: organized

Definition: formed into a structured or coherent whole

Synonyms: arranged, ordered

Definition: disposed or placed in a particular kind of order

Usage: the carefully arranged chessmen; haphazardly arranged interlobular septa; comfortable chairs arranged around the fireplace

Similar words: laid, set

Definition: set down according to a plan:"a carefully laid table with places set for four people"

Usage: stones laid in a pattern

Similar words: placed

Definition: put in position in relation to other things

Usage: end tables placed conveniently

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