Synonyms for ascendant

Synonyms for (noun) ascendant

Synonyms: ancestor, antecedent, ascendant, ascendent, root

Definition: someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent)

Similar words: relation, relative

Definition: a person related by blood or marriage

Usage: police are searching for relatives of the deceased; he has distant relations back in New Jersey

Synonyms: ascendant, ascendent

Definition: position or state of being dominant or in control

Usage: that idea was in the ascendant

Similar words: dominance, control, ascendance, ascendancy, ascendence, ascendency

Definition: the state that exists when one person or group has power over another

Usage: her apparent dominance of her husband was really her attempt to make him pay attention to her

Synonyms for (adj) ascendant

Synonyms: dominating, ascendant, ascendent

Definition: most powerful or important or influential

Usage: the economically ascendant class; D-day is considered the dominating event of the war in Europe

Similar words: dominant

Definition: exercising influence or control

Usage: television plays a dominant role in molding public opinion; the dominant partner in the marriage

Synonyms: ascendant, ascendent, ascensive

Definition: tending or directed upward

Usage: rooted and ascendant strength like that of foliage- John Ruskin

Similar words: ascending

Definition: moving or going or growing upward

Usage: the ascending plane; the ascending staircase; the ascending stems of chickweed

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