Synonyms for attached

Synonyms for (adj) attached

Synonyms: attached, committed

Definition: associated in an exclusive sexual relationship

Similar words: bespoken, betrothed

Definition: pledged to be married

Usage: the engaged couple

Similar words: intended

Definition: future; betrothed

Usage: his intended bride

Similar words: involved

Definition: emotionally involved

Synonyms: attached

Definition: fond and affectionate

Usage: she was very attached to her father

Similar words: loving

Definition: feeling or showing love and affection

Usage: loving parents; loving glances

Synonyms: connected, affiliated, attached

Definition: being joined in close association

Usage: affiliated clubs; all art schools whether independent or attached to universities

Similar words: related, related to

Definition: being connected either logically or causally or by shared characteristics

Usage: painting and the related arts; school-related activities; related to micelle formation is the...ability of detergent actives to congregate at oil-water interfaces

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