Synonyms for barbed

Synonyms for (adj) barbed

Synonyms: barbed, barbellate, thorny, setaceous, setose, spiny, briary, briery, bristled, bristly, burred, burry, prickly

Definition: having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.

Usage: a horse with a short bristly mane; bristly shrubs; burred fruits; setaceous whiskers

Similar words: armed

Definition: (used of plants and animals) furnished with bristles and thorns

Synonyms: nipping, mordacious, biting, barbed, pungent

Definition: capable of wounding

Usage: a barbed compliment; a biting aphorism; pungent satire

Similar words: sarcastic

Definition: expressing or expressive of ridicule that wounds

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