Synonyms for battered

Synonyms for (adj) battered

Synonyms: battered

Definition: exhibiting symptoms resulting from repeated physical and emotional injury

Usage: a battered child; the battered woman syndrome

Similar words: mistreated, maltreated, ill-treated, abused

Definition: subjected to cruel treatment

Usage: an abused wife

Synonyms: battered, beat-up, beaten-up

Definition: damaged by blows or hard usage

Usage: a battered old car; the beaten-up old Ford

Similar words: damaged

Definition: harmed or injured or spoiled

Usage: I won't buy damaged goods; the storm left a wake of badly damaged buildings

Synonyms: battered

Definition: damaged especially by hard usage

Usage: his battered old hat

Similar words: worn

Definition: affected by wear; damaged by long use

Usage: worn threads on the screw; a worn suit; the worn pockets on the jacket

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