Synonyms for birr

Synonyms for (noun) birr

Synonyms: whir, whirr, whirring, birr

Definition: sound of something in rapid motion

Usage: whir of a bird's wings; the whir of the propellers

Similar words: sound

Definition: the sudden occurrence of an audible event

Usage: the sound awakened them

Synonyms: birr

Definition: the basic unit of money in Ethiopia; equal to 100 cents

Similar words: Ethiopian monetary unit

Definition: monetary unit in Ethiopia

Synonyms for (verb) birr

Synonyms: purr, birr, whir, whirr, whiz, whizz

Definition: make a soft swishing sound

Usage: the motor whirred; the car engine purred

Similar words: sound, go

Definition: make a certain noise or sound

Usage: She went `Mmmmm'; The gun went `bang'