Synonyms for blemished

Synonyms for (adj) blemished

Synonyms: blemished

Definition: marred by imperfections

Similar words: pimpled, pimply, pustulate, acned

Definition: (of complexion) blemished by imperfections of the skin

Similar words: blebbed, blebby

Definition: (of glass or quartzite) marred by small bubbles or small particles of foreign material

Similar words: blotchy

Definition: marred by discolored spots or blotches

Usage: blotchy skin

Similar words: flyblown

Definition: especially of reputation

Usage: a flyblown reputation

Similar words: scarred, marred

Definition: blemished by injury or rough wear

Usage: the scarred piano bench; walls marred by graffiti

Similar words: pocked, pockmarked

Definition: marked by or as if by smallpox or acne or other eruptive skin disease

Synonyms: flawed, blemished

Definition: having a blemish or flaw

Usage: a flawed diamond; an irregular pair of jeans

Similar words: imperfect

Definition: not perfect; defective or inadequate

Usage: had only an imperfect understanding of his responsibilities; imperfect mortals; drainage here is imperfect

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