Synonyms for boney

Synonyms for (adj) boney

Synonyms: boney, bony

Definition: having bones especially many or prominent bones

Usage: a bony shad fillet; her bony wrist; bony fish

Similar words: bone

Definition: consisting of or made up of bone

Usage: a bony substance; the bony framework of the body

Similar words: boned

Definition: having bones as specified

Usage: his lanky long-boned body

Similar words: bonelike

Definition: resembling bone

Usage: a bonelike tumor

Similar words: strong-boned

Definition: having strong bones

Synonyms: scraggy, scrawny, skinny, underweight, boney, weedy

Definition: being very thin

Usage: a child with skinny freckled legs; a long scrawny neck

Similar words: thin, lean

Definition: lacking excess flesh

Usage: you can't be too rich or too thin; Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look-Shakespeare

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