Synonyms for casting

Synonyms for (noun) casting

Synonyms: casting

Definition: the choice of actors to play particular roles in a play or movie

Similar words: selection, option, pick, choice

Definition: the act of choosing or selecting

Usage: your choice of colors was unfortunate; you can take your pick

Synonyms: cast, casting

Definition: the act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel

Similar words: sportfishing, fishing

Definition: the act of someone who fishes as a diversion

Synonyms: molding, casting

Definition: the act of creating something by casting it in a mold

Similar words: creating from raw materials

Definition: the act of creating something that is different from the materials that went into it

Synonyms: cast, casting

Definition: object formed by a mold

Similar words: copy

Definition: a thing made to be similar or identical to another thing

Usage: she made a copy of the designer dress; the clone was a copy of its ancestor

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