Synonyms for caudated

Synonyms for (adj) caudated

Synonyms: caudate, caudated

Definition: having a tail or taillike appendage

Similar words: bobtail, bobtailed

Definition: having a short or shortened tail

Usage: bobtail mare

Similar words: caudal, taillike

Definition: resembling a tail

Similar words: tailed

Definition: having a tail of a specified kind; often used in combination

Similar words: scaly-tailed

Definition: having a scaly tail

Similar words: scissor-tailed

Definition: (of birds) having a deeply forked tail

Usage: scissor-tailed birds

Similar words: short-tailed

Definition: having a short tail

Similar words: square-tailed

Definition: having a square tail

Similar words: stiff-tailed

Definition: having a stiff tail

Similar words: swallow-tailed

Definition: (especially of butterflies and birds) having a forked tail like that of a swallow

Similar words: tail-shaped

Definition: shaped like the tail of an animal

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