Synonyms for circular

Synonyms for (noun) circular

Synonyms: handbill, circular, broadsheet, broadside, flier, flyer, throwaway, bill

Definition: an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution

Usage: he mailed the circular to all subscribers

Similar words: ad, advert, advertisement, advertising, advertizement, advertizing

Definition: a public promotion of some product or service

Synonyms for (adj) circular

Synonyms: rotary, orbitual, circular

Definition: describing a circle; moving in a circle

Usage: the circular motion of the wheel

Similar words: cyclic, cyclical

Definition: recurring in cycles

Synonyms: round, circular

Definition: having a circular shape

Similar words: apple-shaped

Definition: having the general shape of an apple

Similar words: ball-shaped, spheric, spherical, orbicular, global, globose, globular

Definition: having the shape of a sphere or ball

Usage: a spherical object; nearly orbicular in shape; little globular houses like mud-wasp nests- Zane Grey

Similar words: barrel-shaped

Definition: having the general shape of a barrel

Similar words: bulb-shaped, bulblike, bulbous

Definition: shaped like a bulb

Similar words: capitate

Definition: being abruptly enlarged and globose at the tip

Similar words: coccoid

Definition: spherical; like a coccus

Usage: a coccoid microorganism

Similar words: cumuliform

Definition: shaped like a cumulus cloud

Similar words: disc-shaped, disclike, discoid, discoidal, disk-shaped, disklike

Definition: having a flat circular shape

Similar words: goblet-shaped

Definition: resembling the shape of a goblet

Similar words: moon-round, moonlike

Definition: resembling the moon in shape

Similar words: nutlike

Definition: resembling a nut in shape and size

Similar words: pancake-like

Definition: resembling a pancake in shape

Similar words: pear-shaped

Definition: having a round shape tapered at one end

Similar words: pinwheel-shaped

Definition: having the round shape of a pinwheel

Similar words: ringlike

Definition: having the shape of a ring

Similar words: roundish

Definition: somewhat round in appearance or form

Similar words: wheel-like

Definition: round like a wheel

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