Synonyms for commercial

Synonyms for (noun) commercial

Synonyms: commercial, commercial message

Definition: a commercially sponsored ad on radio or television

Similar words: ad, advert, advertisement, advertising, advertizement, advertizing

Definition: a public promotion of some product or service

Synonyms for (adj) commercial

Synonyms: commercial

Definition: connected with or engaged in or sponsored by or used in commerce or commercial enterprises

Usage: commercial trucker; commercial TV; commercial diamonds

Similar words: commercialised, commercialized

Definition: organized principally for financial gain

Usage: Christmas has become a commercialized spectacle

Similar words: mercantile

Definition: relating to or characteristic of trade or traders

Usage: the mercantile North was forging ahead- Van Wyck Brooks

Similar words: mercantile, mercenary, moneymaking

Definition: profit oriented

Usage: a commercial book; preached a mercantile and militant patriotism- John Buchan; a mercenary enterprise; a moneymaking business

Similar words: technical

Definition: resulting from or dependent on market factors rather than fundamental economic considerations

Usage: analysts content that the stock market is due for a technical rally; the fall is only a technical correction

Synonyms: commercial, commercial-grade

Definition: of the kind or quality used in commerce; average or inferior

Usage: commercial grade of beef; commercial oxalic acid

Similar words: inferior

Definition: of low or inferior quality

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