Synonyms for conformity

Synonyms for (noun) conformity

Synonyms: compliance, abidance, conformation, conformity

Definition: acting according to certain accepted standards

Usage: their financial statements are in conformity with generally accepted accounting practices

Similar words: cooperation

Definition: joint operation or action

Usage: their cooperation with us was essential for the success of our mission

Synonyms: conformance, conformity

Definition: correspondence in form or appearance

Similar words: agreement, correspondence

Definition: compatibility of observations

Usage: there was no agreement between theory and measurement; the results of two tests were in correspondence

Synonyms: conformity, ossification

Definition: hardened conventionality

Similar words: convention, conventionalism, conventionality

Definition: orthodoxy as a consequence of being conventional

Synonyms: conformism, conformity

Definition: orthodoxy in thoughts and belief

Similar words: orthodoxy

Definition: a belief or orientation agreeing with conventional standards

Synonyms: conformity, accord, accordance

Definition: concurrence of opinion

Usage: we are in accord with your proposal

Similar words: agreement

Definition: the verbal act of agreeing

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