Synonyms for confrontation

Synonyms for (noun) confrontation

Synonyms: confrontation

Definition: a focussed comparison; bringing together for a careful comparison

Similar words: comparing, comparison

Definition: the act of examining resemblances

Usage: they made a comparison of noise levels; the fractions selected for comparison must require pupils to consider both numerator and denominator

Synonyms: opposition, confrontation

Definition: the act of hostile groups opposing each other

Usage: the government was not ready for a confrontation with the unions; the invaders encountered stiff opposition

Similar words: resistance

Definition: group action in opposition to those in power

Synonyms: confrontation, showdown, encounter, face-off

Definition: a hostile disagreement face-to-face

Similar words: disagreement

Definition: the speech act of disagreeing or arguing or disputing

Synonyms: confrontation

Definition: discord resulting from a clash of ideas or opinions

Similar words: discord, dissension

Definition: disagreement among those expected to cooperate

Synonyms: confrontation

Definition: a bold challenge

Similar words: challenge

Definition: a call to engage in a contest or fight

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