Synonyms for confusing

Synonyms for (adj) confusing

Synonyms: perplexing, confusing, puzzling

Definition: lacking clarity of meaning; causing confusion or perplexity

Usage: sent confusing signals to Iraq; perplexing to someone who knew nothing about it; a puzzling statement

Similar words: unclear

Definition: not clear to the mind

Usage: the law itself was unclear on that point; the reason for their actions is unclear to this day

Synonyms: confusing

Definition: causing confusion or disorientation

Usage: a confusing jumble of road signs; being hospitalized can be confusing and distressing for a small child

Similar words: disorienting

Definition: causing loss of physical or intellectual bearings

Usage: making so many turns to the right and then the left was completely disorienting; a sharp blow to the head can be disorienting

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