Synonyms for conspiracy

Synonyms for (noun) conspiracy

Synonyms: conspiracy, cabal

Definition: a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot)

Similar words: plot, game, secret plan

Definition: a secret scheme to do something (especially something underhand or illegal)

Usage: they concocted a plot to discredit the governor; I saw through his little game from the start

Synonyms: confederacy, conspiracy

Definition: a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act

Similar words: understanding, agreement

Definition: the statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises

Usage: they had an agreement that they would not interfere in each other's business; there was an understanding between management and the workers

Synonyms: confederacy, conspiracy

Definition: a group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose

Similar words: circle, band, lot, set

Definition: an unofficial association of people or groups

Usage: the smart set goes there; they were an angry lot

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