Synonyms for constriction

Synonyms for (noun) constriction

Synonyms: constriction

Definition: the action or process of compressing

Similar words: compressing, compression

Definition: applying pressure

Synonyms: constriction, tightness

Definition: a tight feeling in some part of the body

Usage: he felt a constriction in her chest; she felt an alarming tightness in her chest; emotion caused a constriction of his throat

Similar words: feeling

Definition: a physical sensation that you experience

Usage: he had a queasy feeling; I had a strange feeling in my leg; he lost all feeling in his arm

Synonyms: constriction, coarctation

Definition: tight or narrow compression

Similar words: compression, condensation, contraction

Definition: the process or result of becoming smaller or pressed together

Usage: the contraction of a gas on cooling

Synonyms: chokepoint, bottleneck, constriction

Definition: a narrowing that reduces the flow through a channel

Similar words: narrowing

Definition: an instance of becoming narrow

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