Synonyms for crude

Synonyms for (noun) crude

Synonyms: petroleum, oil, rock oil, fossil oil, crude, crude oil

Definition: a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons

Similar words: fossil fuel

Definition: fuel consisting of the remains of organisms preserved in rocks in the earth's crust with high carbon and hydrogen content

Similar words: oil

Definition: a slippery or viscous liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water

Synonyms for (adj) crude

Synonyms: crude, raw

Definition: not processed or subjected to analysis

Usage: raw data; the raw cost of production; only the crude vital statistics

Similar words: unanalyzed

Definition: not analyzed or broken down for detailed examination

Usage: an unanalyzed compound; unanalyzed data

Synonyms: stark, blunt, crude

Definition: devoid of any qualifications or disguise or adornment

Usage: the blunt truth; the crude facts; facing the stark reality of the deadline

Similar words: unconditional, unconditioned

Definition: not conditional

Usage: unconditional surrender

Synonyms: gross, earthy, crude, vulgar

Definition: conspicuously and tastelessly indecent

Usage: coarse language; a crude joke; crude behavior; an earthy sense of humor; a revoltingly gross expletive; a vulgar gesture; full of language so vulgar it should have been edited

Similar words: indecent

Definition: offensive to good taste especially in sexual matters

Usage: an earthy but not indecent story; an indecent gesture

Synonyms: primitive, rude, crude

Definition: belonging to an early stage of technical development; characterized by simplicity and (often) crudeness

Usage: the crude weapons and rude agricultural implements of early man; primitive movies of the 1890s; primitive living conditions in the Appalachian mountains

Similar words: early

Definition: being or occurring at an early stage of development

Usage: in an early stage; early forms of life; early man; an early computer

Synonyms: crude, rough

Definition: not carefully or expertly made

Usage: managed to make a crude splint; a crude cabin of logs with bark still on them; rough carpentry

Similar words: unskilled

Definition: not having or showing or requiring special skill or proficiency

Usage: unskilled in the art of rhetoric; an enthusiastic but unskillful mountain climber; unskilled labor; workers in unskilled occupations are finding fewer and fewer job opportunities; unskilled workmanship

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