Synonyms for cull

Synonyms for (noun) cull

Synonyms: reject, cull

Definition: the person or thing that is rejected or set aside as inferior in quality

Similar words: deciding, decision making

Definition: the cognitive process of reaching a decision

Usage: a good executive must be good at decision making

Synonyms for (verb) cull

Synonyms: cull, pluck, pick

Definition: look for and gather

Usage: pick mushrooms; pick flowers

Similar words: collect, pull together, garner, gather

Definition: assemble or get together

Usage: gather some stones; pull your thoughts together

Synonyms: cull

Definition: remove something that has been rejected

Usage: cull the sick members of the herd

Similar words: get rid of, remove

Definition: dispose of

Usage: Get rid of these old shoes!; The company got rid of all the dead wood

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